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Newcastle Numismatic Society Inc 


Adult: $11

Pensioner: $7

Junior: $5

The cost of Life Membership is 12.5 times the yearly adult fee.

Download Membership Forms Here

On 21st October 1964 a group of 13 Novocastrians met at the Railway Institute to see if there was any interest in foming a coin club. The interest was there so the Newcastle Numismatic Society was formed, officers were elected and the process began with the objects 'a non profit society for the encouragement of the study of numismatics in all its forms, the collection and furthering of knowledge in this and associated fields and the interchange of information and assistance between numismatists, collectors and societies in Australia and other parts of the world."

From this small beginning the society soon grew and flourished. The membership grew to more then two hundred in the first few months but has settled to average 80-100 members ever since.

Our monthly auction is very popular and a proud tradition has come from this. Each December meeting auction proceeds are donated to children's charities. Since 1993 the society has adopted Ronald McDonald House and Camp Quality as recipients of this donation. To date the Society has raised over $30,000 for these charities.